I work in multiple artistic mediums, but photography was my first love. Why? Because it stops time. It freezes it cold, preserving emotion that was likely only present once. Capturing the right moment is a tricky proposition, but over the last decade, I've perfected my technique.


Motion pictures expand the concept of photography to include motion, a powerful, emotional tool. Film is a powerful tool in any creators arsenal, and must be wielded with care. The shaky home-movie age passed long ago. Let's continue to push filmcraft forward.

Mastering Engineer

Music is the heart of everything I do. It fuels my creative process, and inspires me to create better work, and dream larger. As a producer and mastering engineer, I've had opportunies to work with some of the brightest independent artists to create well-crafted records that endure the test of time.

Recent Notebook Entries

  • Write Code and Get Back to Doing What You Love

    Published on: July 23, 2014

    A few weeks ago, I gave a talk at the Chicago Node.js meetup about our technology stack for The Machine. I've only been working with Node for a couple of months, but in that time, I've learned many…

  • Distill

    Published on: May 01, 2014

    One of the major challenges I've had to overcome with Node.js is a task that's relatively simple in Ruby. You wouldn't think this would be difficult, but serializing JSON can be frustrating, even…

  • Embracing JavaScript

    Published on: April 25, 2014

    In a previous life, I was a professional web developer. I've used JavaScript extensively throughout my career, but I always saw it as the necessary evil: a weird little language that existed solely…