Nicholas Young

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Fresh thoughts on engineering, accessibility, mobility technologies, and creative work.

Keeping My Leg On with the SmartPuck from 5280 Prosthetics

Six months of full-time experience with the 5280 Prosthetics SmartPuck elevated vacuum prosthetic suspension system. It’s time for an in-depth, real-world review.

Believing Is Free

When it comes to healthcare topics in the United States (and around the world), listening to disabled activists might have helped avoid the current human toll of COVID-19.

New Horizons

After a decade of self-employment, I’ve accepted a job offer and shuttered my consultancy.

2019 in Review

Celebrating what I’ve accomplished over the last twelve months, and preparing for new challenges.

Rebuilt, Again

Conversations with my three-year-old, as I prepare to become a bilateral amputee.

Recovery Isn't Linear

Tales of living life to its fullest, even when the healing process is more complex than expected.

Leaving Twitter

Changes in the platform and the constant evolution of how I use media have created too many incompatibilities.

Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon is All Business

How leaving Apple’s “walled garden” reignited my passion for open-source computing.

Parsing, Validating, and Assembling URLs in Rust

Why you should care about type-safe concepts instead of assembling string fragments.

Erasing Yesterday

At precisely ten o’clock local time on October 23rd, I will be soundly asleep as doctors and nurses lay my dormant body on an operating table. For them, this is another routine procedure.